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A Revision of Reality

The Tamboli Sequence, Book Three

Three science fiction novels exploring the impact of unreliable histories, all linked by a man called Tamboli.

A Revision of Reality cover

After centuries apart, the worlds of Earth and Juno – both shaped by a man called Tamboli – are set on a collision course by an alien force known as the Safirans.

On Earth, the Stream is no more, converted into a virtual afterlife by the Church of Saint Raj. Katinka Farkas has to flee for her life when an unknown agency subverts the Ritual of Ascension.
On Juno, the Congregation of Indra undermines the current presidency as the election nears. When Nevin attends his first service, the appearance of a mysterious presence sends him on a new path to enlightenment. 
Why does the Safiran’s agenda require the convergence of these two worlds? What threat do they pose humanity? Or should that be vice versa?

Previously published as Transformation by Mark White

Key Characters


On Juno:

Nevin:  Works in the administration department of the Juno High Council, great-grandson of Indra

Amy:  Nevin's colleague and new girlfriend, much to Nevin's surprise and delight

Freya:  Celebrant at the Congregation of Indra, dedicated to peace and cooperation within Juno

Omri:  President of Juno, about to stand for reelection after his first term in office

Erroll: Relatively unknown rival to Omri for the presidency

Safira:  A mysterious presence asking for help


On Earth:

Katinka Farkas:  The last of the Stream custodians, forced to flee as her friends go missing

Tor Abbott:  Captain of the starship Sapphire Traveller who aids Katinka in her escape

Vito Kidd:  Engineer on the Sapphire Traveller, chaplain in the Continuity Church

Riva Parisi:  Navigator on the Sapphire Traveller

Pavel Petrov:  First Disciple of Saint Raj, the oldest member of the Guardians of the Afterlife

Alima Arian:  Successor to Petrov as Guardian of the Afterlife, now a Disciple of Saint Raj



Press Preview for a sneak peek at the opening chapters of A Revision of Reality


WARNING: Significant spoilers for A Vision of Unity and A Division of Order are included in these chapters.

A Subdivision of Humanity

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