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The Muffler's Mission

In a world vulnerable to its past, regions must work together to survive.
The Mufflers, a light fantasy trilogy: Book 2

The Muffler's Mission cover

After the Battle of Gooseport, Portsea may never be the same. People call for change, but a more urgent threat emerges to cause the Mufflers to reevaluate their priorities.


Rowan Webb's personal priority is Tia Tobin, but his Dad accidentally ruins things once more. Rowan can't even find a way to blame Dave Elkington this time.

Personal matters have to wait. The lingering dangers from the old world can't be ignored, so the Mufflers head out to prepare their neighbours for the threat.

The welcome isn't always a friendly one. Things quickly go awry. Rowan and Tia are set on a collision course again, hurtling towards a showdown with the past.

All roads lead to Ringwall, but what lies within this mysterious region?

The mystery cat

Key Characters

Rowan Webb:  Rowan's eager for some peace and quiet with his girlfriend. Instead, he gets a mission to Brightgate. 

Tia Tobin: Tia's not going to let herself be buried by events. Not when a mission to Emforth beckons.

Gerry Brittan: Rowan's talkative official guard on his journey across Brightgate.

Gwen Scott:  Rowan's other Brightgate guard, a more dour companion.

Lance Knight:  Tia's chivalrous escort through Emforth. If only he would stop calling her m'lady.

Winn Ridgard: Commander of the mysterious Guardians of Ringwall.

Ashley Carter: Her new role in the Mufflers leads her on a trip to Exwater where she uncovers an unexpected conspiracy.

... and yes, the cat appears again.




Press Preview for a sneak peek at the opening three chapters of The Muffler's Mission.

WARNING: contains spoilers for The Muffler's Ministry. Do not read until you have completed that novel.

Muffler's Tales


To receive a free copy of A Muffler's Vigil and A Muffler's Recruitment – short stories set in the world of this novel – sign up for Mark W White's newsletter. Now also include A Muffler's Marriage, A Muffler's Assignment and The Muffler's Retrospective.

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