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Fractal Peace

Everson Polk heads a reconciliation session helping to keep the peace. He has his own story to tell.
Coming 2024

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The century-long Fractal War – a battle for supremacy over Fractal Space, an artefact of an ancient and long-dead race – was over. On paper, the Olvin and their Falki partners emerged victorious against the ruthless Ungeleth and the subjugated Enella, but the war only ended due to an internal Unglath uprising. It was up to Earth to maintain the fragile peace.

Earth had remained neutral after entering Fractal Space fifty years earlier in the midst of the conflict. They form a reconciliation commission to bring the sides together and uncover the story of what happened from all perspectives. Only through truth and understanding can peace be maintained.

Everson Polk heads a reconciliation session comprising a key representative of each race involved in the Fractal War. It was no surprise when the first murder occurred. More of a shock was celebrity detective Valerity Novak appearing to investigate.

Irritated by the intrusion, Everson persuades Valerity to let him continue with the reconciliation session. The story each participant tells will answer her questions and uncover the truth. 

The murder turns out to be the least of their problems.

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Press Preview for a sneak peek at the opening three chapters of Fractal Peace

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