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Future Plans 2: The Feature Creep

I've previously outlined my future plans to move away from having my novels exclusive to Amazon and distributing them more widely using Draft2Digital. That's definitely still my plan, but I've subsequently realised that this is a one-off opportunity to fix a few issues with the way I've marketed them so far. It's going to be a bit more work (hence the feature creep...) but I think it's worth the effort.

The trigger for this has been the uptake for my newest novel My Family and Other Ghosts. Analysis of the way my Amazon Ads have performed indicates that neither the title nor the cover is working adequately for the book's genre, so I need a rethink. Analysis of the takeup rate of the book when I've had free offers shows that the blurb isn't much better. So this needs an entire rethink - including a new title for the novel.

Which made me think: if I'm doing it for the latest novel, shouldn't I consider it for the Tamboli Sequence novels too? The more I understand the publishing industry (caveat: not much still) the less satisfied I've become with the genre-applicability of those titles. In for a penny... time for new titles for Integration, Long Division and Transformation.

Now, if I'm changing all that, am I happy with the novels themselves? Well, yes, for the overall stories. However, I've decided to give the text a review, mainly for any remaining typos, but also to tweak a couple of theme expositions I've become dissatisfied by. This won't be anything major, but it's the last chance I'll have for a final polish. So why not? I'll summarise any changes in a blog post for each, although I don't think I'll change My Family much at all as it's more recent.

You want more details? Don't all shout at once.

Well, I've settled (I think) on new titles, have draft new covers, and very draft new blurbs. Things will change, but let's go for a big reveal.


My Family and Other Ghosts will be the last to change (definitely no earlier than the end of October, but I'd expect it to be later) and will become...

In Memory of Chris Parsons.

Here are the new cover and blurb:

Losing a loved one is hard. Losing two is harder. But if they lose you at the same time, that’s just confusing.

Chris Parsons' life is transformed when his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Alex, die in a tragic accident. Not that he can recall the details.

Luckily on some days, Lisa is there to help him remember. On others, Alex tries to cheer him up. On their advice, Chris turns to a new therapist to make sense of his contradictory amnesia.

Inspired by the wonders of rural Wiltshire – such as Avebury, the West Kennet Long Barrow, the Cherhill White Horse, and the aurora borealis – he begins to understand the true nature of his reality. Only then does he realise that his future is as uncertain as his past.

Of course, Lisa has a different story to tell. Alex isn't happy either.


Now, onto The Tamboli Sequence. I'll release the updated novels in one go, no earlier than the end of September, although again, it depends on many factors. At that point, Integration, Long Division, Transformation will become...

A Vision of Unity, A Division of Order, A Revision of Reality

These are the new covers and blurbs:

Raj Tamboli has a vision. Linking everyone neurally to a shared online environment known as the Stream is the only way to unite a fractured world. But at what cost?

In order to avert a looming nuclear holocaust, Raj risks everything to fulfil his vision. Millions die. Carole Cantor is the last person to see him and vows to hold him to account.


Two centuries later, the resultant world basks in an unprecedented era of peace thanks to Raj Tamboli’s vision. So why are people dying mysteriously in their sleep? Only historian Kofi Albus is in a position to find out.


Carole and Kofi's lives resonate across the centuries to reveal the truth behind Raj Tamboli's botched gamble. How can Kofi learn the lessons of history when that history turns out to be a lie?

The Tamboli Sequence: three novels shining a light in the shadows behind Tamboli’s vision.

Juno is an ordered authoritarian society that desperately needs reform. A man known only as Tamboli knows how to divide it, but can it be put together again afterwards?

Jemma is determined to discover the truth behind their closed, secretive world. Progressing through society, she becomes convinced that the ruling Director caste has too much power.

Unfortunately only an undercover resistance movement – led by a faceless man called Tamboli – is likely to change things, but their tactic of fomenting division puts her closest friends in danger. 


Torn between her desire for reform and the need to protect her friends, Jemma faces the ultimate dilemma. Can a society kept ignorant of its own nature survive a malignant force knowing the truth? 

The Tamboli Sequence: three novels shining a light in the shadows behind Tamboli’s vision.

After centuries apart, the worlds of Earth and Juno – both shaped by a man called Tamboli – are set on a collision course by an alien force known as the Safirans. But what do they want?

On Earth, the Stream is no more, converted into a virtual afterlife by the Church of Saint Raj. Katinka Farkas has to flee for her life when an unknown agency subverts the Ritual of Ascension.


On Juno, the Congregation of Indra undermines the current presidency as the election nears. When Nevin attends his first service, the appearance of a mysterious presence sends him on a new path to enlightenment. 


Why does the Safiran’s agenda require the convergence of these two worlds? What threat do they pose humanity? Or should that be vice versa?

The Tamboli Sequence: three novels shining a light in the shadows behind Tamboli’s vision.


As before, I'll be publishing The Muffler's Ministry direct to Draft2Digital early next year, but I'm still trialling covers for that and will depend on beta reader feedback.

I've already mentioned that I'll be providing some free short stories for anyone who signs up for my mailing list. These have firmed up a little, and will now be called:

A Provision of Succession: Takes place between A Vision of Unity and A Revision of Reality

A Redivision of Community: Takes place between A Division of Order and A Revision of Reality

A Subdivision of Humanity: Takes place after A Revision of Reality

In Sufferance of Chris Parsons: Takes place after In Memory of Chris Parsons

A Muffler's Reconciliation: Takes place after The Muffler's Ministry and before The Muffler's Mission*

Originally I wasn't planning a short story set after the novel Transformation/A Revision of Reality, but last night at 3 a.m. one sprang into my mind, along with the title, all fully formed. Now I just have to write it...

These short stories will be collected into one volume called Mutterings of Consequence which will grow over time. For example, I've already got ideas for several more set in the world of The Mufflers.

All subject to change on a whim if I grow bored with them, of course.

* What d'ya mean, I've not mentioned that before? Oh.

[Update 3rd September 2020] Having renamed and changed just about everything as part of this relaunch, I realised there was one thing I’d forgotten: my own name! There’s more than one Mark White out there as an author (it’s a too common name, there was even one living around the corner from me when I was a kid) so I’ve decided to add my middle initial as part of the relaunch. Mark W White almost sounds like a real SF author now! Obviously, the covers will change slightly for that, but not much.

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