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The Stream

Mark White's debut novel, now withdrawn from sale and available as a free download

The story that inspired novels in The Tamboli Sequence

The Stream cover

Two centuries before The Stream begins, Earth was on the verge of a cataclysmic war. Then came the Flood.


Raj Tamboli forcibly saved humanity from itself by connecting everyone to the Stream, a next generation internet. However, millions died in the process. Raj killed himself in despair, and yet Flood Day had transformed the world. Or so the story goes.


Over the next two hundred years, the world settled into an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity. With the invention of the bulk drive, the human race spread to the stars encountering several sentient races, all of whom became connected in the Stream. Jointly they form the Confluvium.


Only the mysterious ghost-like race, the Safirans, seem to pose a threat. Little is known of them, but most people don't give them a second thought.


So why does Decemvir Geraldine Mander, the only person to have met a Safiran, want to undo everything Raj Tamboli built? It takes Kofi Albus, historian and childhood friend of Geraldine, to uncover the dark truth behind the Confluvium.


Sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease.


It is highly recommended to read The Tamboli Sequence first before embarking on the historical curiosity of The Stream.

The novel was the original story that evolved into the significantly different later novels A Vision of Unity and A Revision of Reality. Although now withdrawn from sale, it can be read in its original form in this free download. Also included is the short story, Epicinium, detailing the events of the year after The Stream, which inspired the background to the novel, A Revision of Reality.


More details are provided in the Foreword to the novel. To obtain a copy, sign up for the mailing list using the Subscribe button. You will receive an email with the download link.

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