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The Muffler's Misery

In a world undergoing change, threats may appear from unexpected quarters.
The Mufflers, a light fantasy trilogy: Book 3

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Cronos has been defeated again, but the latent threat remains. The Oracle – AKA The Muffler – is working on a plan for long-term safety but is reluctant to reveal the details.

Rowan and Tia have more pressing concerns. Tia's ever-growing magical ability threatens to kill her unless it stops. Rowan's Dad is missing, spreading unfamiliars across the land, causing chaos in his quest to weaken the Oracle.

Portsea is undergoing its own transformation, transferring direct power from the Ministries to some form of elected leadership, for good or ill. The neighbouring region of Brightgate serves as a reminder of how things can go wrong.

Brightgate's authoritarian leader blames Portsea – Rowan in particular – for the spread of unfamiliars. He seals the border and begins to build up troops nearby. Conflict appears inevitable.

First, Tia must visit Emforth to get a minor marital mess sorted. At least nothing could possibly go wrong there. Could it?


Key Characters

Rowan Webb:  Rowan's desire to spend more time with Tia is thwarted by his Dad and Brightgate yet again.

Tia Tobin:  Tia's top priority is a trip to Emforth to sort things out with Lance, and try not to die along the way.

Brett Webb:  Rowan's father proves to be an elusive annoyance.

Sir Lancelot:  Will Lance be able to fulfil his promise to Tia when his role as heir to the throne gets in the way?

Merlin:  It's Latimer Lightfoot's turn to get sucked into the Oracle plans, much to Tia's relief.

Gwen Scott:  Her new life throws Gwen in at the deep end as Brightgate threatens to attack.

Joseph Baker: The ex-Minister in Brightgate may be the best chance of avoiding war – if only he can be reached.

Clive Jones:  The Portsea butcher finds his world changed after being volunteered by Brenda.



Press Preview for a sneak peek at the opening three chapters of The Muffler's Misery.

WARNING: contains spoilers for The Muffler's Ministry and The Muffler's Mission.  Do not read until you have completed those novels.

Muffler's Tales


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