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A Division of Order

The Tamboli Sequence, Book Two

Three science fiction novels exploring the impact of unreliable histories, all linked by a man called Tamboli.

A Division of Order cover

Juno is an ordered authoritarian society that desperately needs reform. A man known only as Tamboli knows how to divide it, but can it be put together again afterwards?


Jemma is determined to discover the truth behind their closed, secretive world. Progressing through society, she becomes convinced that the ruling Director caste has too much power.


Unfortunately only an undercover resistance movement – led by a faceless man called Tamboli – is likely to change things, but their tactic of fomenting division puts her closest friends in danger. 


Torn between her desire for reform and the need to protect her friends, Jemma faces the ultimate dilemma. Can a society kept ignorant of its own nature survive a malignant force knowing the truth? 


Previously published as Long Division by Mark White

Key Characters


In the Fixer division:

Jemma:  Student in the Fixer division, about to enter university, hoping to work in the Fixer administration

Kwame:  Jemma's boyfriend as they enter university, with a desire to change the world

Tibor:  School teacher and mentor to Jemma and Kwame

Devon:  Head of Fixer ruling council whose decisions will shape Jemma's life

Norman:  Fixer head auditor and close confidante to Devon

Sadiki:  Member of Fixer council, antagonistic towards Devon


Elsewhere on Juno:

Tamboli:  The secretive head of the People's Resistance movement

Indra:  Administrator in the Gem division and close friend of Jemma

Riku:  Partner of Indra and friend of Jemma

Hazen:  Head of the ruling council of the Gem division

Michelle:  Jemma's primary contact in the Directors, who control Juno via the Central Committee



Press Preview for a sneak peek at the opening chapters of A Division or Order

A Redivision of Community

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