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A Revision of Reality

I'm back in the swing of things. After a slow period, I'm making decent progress in the revision of my novels ahead of their relaunch. If you've lost track of what I'm doing, then for the full background and how I ended up getting carried away, take a look here.

I've now completed the transformation of the novel formerly known as Transformation into A Revision of Reality. The final cover for this is above, and the new blurb is as follows:

After centuries apart, the worlds of Earth and Juno – both shaped by a man called Tamboli – are set on a collision course by an alien force known as the Safirans.

On Earth, the Stream is no more, converted into a virtual afterlife by the Church of Saint Raj. Katinka Farkas has to flee for her life when an unknown agency subverts the Ritual of Ascension.

On Juno, the Congregation of Indra undermines the current presidency as the election nears. When Nevin attends his first service, the appearance of a mysterious presence sends him on a new path to enlightenment.

Why does the Safiran’s agenda require the convergence of these two worlds? What threat do they pose humanity? Or should that be vice versa?

Previously published as Transformation by Mark White

The Tamboli Sequence: three novels shining a light in the shadows of Tamboli’s vision.

As with the other novels, I've not made any change to the story itself, but I have tweaked the wording where the grammar didn't match my current style and clarified anything that I didn't think came across right. For more details on the political background and how they match my views, take a look here.

As with the previous novels, the new text has been uploaded and is ready to go on my new Amazon publishing account (as Mark W White) both for Kindle and Paperback, and is also ready for other eReaders via Draft2Digital. I've also already received the paperback proof, and all looks good.

As before, I won't press the button to publish these versions until the whole set of novels is ready, as I'll need to unpublish the original versions first, and then update the website, which I'd prefer to do all in one go.

I've also completed the sequel short story called A Subdivision of Humanity which is set a decade after the end of A Revision of Reality, featuring Nevin and Amy about to set out on the next stage of their life. This story wasn't in my original plans for this relaunch, but I'mn really glad I wrote it. It effectively works as an additional epilogue to the novel and wraps things up nicely.

You'll be able to get A Subdivision of Humanity free as part of my collection Mutterings of Consequence by signing up for my mailing list, once everything is ready.

And that's it. Only one more novel and a short story to go, converting My Family and Other Ghosts into In Memory of Chris Parsons, and adding the fun piece of background context in the story In Memory of a Universal Truth.

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