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In Memory of Chris Parsons

A family drama of life, death and confusion set in rural Wiltshire
A speculative fiction novel

In Memory of Chris Parsons cover

Losing a loved one is hard. Losing two is harder. But if they lose you at the same time, that’s just confusing. 

Chris Parsons' life is transformed when his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Alex, die in a tragic accident. Not that he can recall the details. 
Luckily on some days, Lisa is there to help him remember. On others, Alex tries to cheer him up. Following their advice, Chris turns to a new therapist to make sense of his contradictory amnesia.
Inspired by the wonders of rural Wiltshire – including Avebury, the West Kennet Long Barrow, the Cherhill White Horse, and the aurora borealis – he begins to understand the true nature of his reality. Only then does he realise that his future is as uncertain as his past.
Of course, Lisa has a different story to tell. Alex isn't happy either.

Previously published as My Family and Other Ghosts by Mark White


Key Characters

Chris Parsons:  Unable to come to terms with the loss of his wife and/or daughter, and his swiss cheese memory.

Lisa Parsons: Chris realises his wife Lisa is unhappy; their relationship needs work. Or, at least, it did.

Alex Parsons:  Chris couldn't go on without the love and support of his daughter. Except when he has to.

Erica Immurson:  Reconstructive Cognitive Therapist whose treatment finally starts Chris on the road to reality.


Key Locations

Select an image below and click on it for more details of several important locations in the story.



Press Preview for a sneak peek at the opening three chapters of In Memory of Chris Parsons.

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