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A Vision of Unity

The Tamboli Sequence, Book One

Three science fiction novels exploring the impact of unreliable histories, all linked by a man called Tamboli.

A Vision of Unity cover

Raj Tamboli has a vision: to unite a fractured world, everyone must be neurally linked to a shared online environment known as the Stream – but at what cost?

In order to avert a looming nuclear holocaust, Raj risks everything to fulfil his vision. Millions die. Carole Cantor is the last person to see him and vows to hold him to account.
Two centuries later, the resultant world basks in an unprecedented era of peace thanks to Raj Tamboli’s vision. So why are people dying mysteriously in their sleep? Only historian Kofi Albus is in a position to find out.
Carole and Kofi's lives resonate across the centuries to reveal the truth behind Raj Tamboli's botched gamble. How can Kofi learn the lessons of history when that history turns out to be a lie?

Previously published as Integration by Mark White


Key Characters


At the time of the Flood:

Carole Cantor:  Cosmologist turned investigator, determined to find out the truth behind the Flood

Kumi Kumar:  AI expert and boyfriend of Carole who starts work at Tethys on the same day as Carole

Raj Tamboli:  Inspirational CTO of Tethys Corporation and architect of the Flood

Rani Misra:  CEO of Tethys Corporation who carries the can for Raj Tamboli's actions

Kieran Mason:  Auditor who takes over as CEO of Tethys after the Flood, and surprises everyone


Two centuries later:

Kofi Albus:  Historian stuck in the academic doldrums, recruited by his former university friend, Geraldine Mander

Geraldine Mander:  Former starship captain, now a Decemvir in the world government

Justin Baley:  Legate working for Geraldine, Kofi's bête noire

Mauro Sosa:  Consultant neurologist used by Kofi and Justin during their investigations

Katinka Farkas:  Mauro Sosa's assistant who proves to be the perfect collaborator



Alternating between the perspectives of Carole Cantor and Kofi Albus across the centuries, the true story of Raj Tamboli's legacy is slowly revealed. Press Preview for a sneak peek at the opening three chapters.

A Provision of Succession


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