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Scouring Juventas

The human colony on Juventas seeks to expand. History stands in its way.
An SF novel 

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The human colony of Juventas was founded a century earlier with the arrival of the generation starship Juno II. A critical election now looms with one item dominating debate: is it time to finally begin to expand after the tough early years?

Jess Kimber runs a prestigious product development team, but after a tumultuous year, decides to hand over the reins to her deputy, Andy Lester. After a painful divorce, she needs space to find something worthwhile, but her ex, Toby Price, keeps getting in the way.

Ravi Antic joins Till Bullen's expedition as they set out to explore what lies beyond the local region. A long supporter of expansion, Till hopes their discoveries will turn the tide of opinion in the election. 

A major system outage puts the election in doubt, but that's the least of the colony's problems. Their lack of knowledge about why the colony's foundation was so difficult is nothing compared to their ignorance of the planet's past.

Jess and Ravi get swept into the centre of events as they begin to uncover the truth. The mysterious entity Bekomdef already knows. It watches patiently from afar, deciding whether to intervene again.


Key Characters

The Colony

Jess Kimber:  As much as she tries to escape her past, it keeps becoming critical to the colony's future.

Toby Price:  Jess's ex-husband never showed any interest in politics. So why is he standing for election?

Ryder Price:  Toby's dominant father pushes for expansion, but Jess is sure he has his own agenda.

Andy Lester:  Jess's deputy who takes over her team just as everything falls apart, putting the election at risk.

Dajun Chang:  Senator with oversight of Jess's former development, who never ceased to bore her to death.

Mikaela Uris:  Formidable news anchor who always asks tough questions.


The Expedition

Ravi Antic:  Former unloved member of Jess's team who joined Till Bullen's expedition, inspired by his vision.

Till Bullen:  Charismatic leader of the self-funded expedition.

Jamie Makula:  Medic on the expedition. Ravi can't quite decide what he thinks about them, nor what they think about him.

Jade Dardas:  Late addition to the expedition. Ravi quickly decides what he thinks about her. The feeling is mutual.

Lenita Tang:  Nurse and Ravi's backup on comms. Seems to get on well with everyone, even taking an interest in Ravi.

Tasha Kelso:  Taciturn but thoroughly professional navigator and pilot who keeps herself to herself.

The Entity

Bekomdef:  Mysterious presence, unknown to the colony, keeping a watchful eye. Its duty may conflict with their existence.



Press Preview for a sneak peek at the opening three chapters of Scouring Juventas

Leaving Juventas


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