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Substrate Constraints

Stories that add colour and connectivity to the worlds of Mark W White
A short story collection

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You may wonder what the family SF drama In Memory of Chris Parsons, the more traditional SF fare of The Tamboli Sequence and Scouring Juventas, plus the light fantasy series The Mufflers, could possibly have in common. They're all set in the same extended universe, naturally. 


If after reading some of these, you've no idea how that could possibly be, then this is the collection for you. You'll discover:

  • How the experience of Chris Parsons links Erica Shaw with Raj Tamboli

  • What Raj Tamboli was doing before, during, and after Flood day

  • What happened on Juno after A Division of Order

  • How Nevin and Amy are involved with the colonisation of Juventas

  • What Bekomdef discovered when he arrived on Earth

  • How Brenda became a Muffler

  • How Ashley was adopted into the Ministry

  • What happened to Dave, Wynn, Lance, Gwen, and the Oracle immediately after The Muffler's Mission

  • How Safira, Bekomdef, and the Oracle are connected


Plus many more tales adding colour and connectivity to the novels.

Short Stories

The following short stories are available in this collection, shown below in terms of internal chronology with respect to the associated novels:

Chris Parsons

In Memory of Universal Truth: How the movie being filmed in Lacock whenever Chris Parsons visits Erica came to be made *

In Memory of Chris Parsons: The novel

In Memory of Erica's Career: Erica Shaw has to placate the corporate lawyers doing due diligence, but who is the boy in the corner who will change her career? *

Raj Tamboli

A Misdivision of Consciousness: Raj Tamboli's experiences before, during and after Flood Day

A Vision of Unity: The novel

A Provision of Succession: How Katinka Farkas ended up where she began A Revision of Reality *

A Division of Order: The novel

A Redivision of Community: A generation later, is history about to repeat itself on Juno? *

A Revision of Reality: The novel

A Supervision of Society: Nevin and Amy make a fresh start, determined to seal their legacy


Approaching Juventas: The Juno II has reached a critical moment in its journey

Scouring Juventas: The novel

Expanding Juventas: Decisions need to be made as election loom in the newly expanded colony

Leaving Juventas: Bekomdef has a surprise when visiting the homeworld of the colonists *


The Mufflers

A Muffler Rebellion: How and why Brenda joined the Mufflers

A Muffler's Adoption: How Ashley came to be adopted into the Ministry

A Muffler's Recruitment: How Ashley recruited Colin *

The Muffler's Ministry: The novel

A Muffler's Vigil: Rowan has a cocoon to babysit *

The Muffler's Mission: The novel

An Officer's Disaffection: Dave Elkington makes critical decisions about his future, sometimes by accident

A Commander's Duty: Wynn Ridgard makes plans to protect Ringwall

A Muffler's Marriage: Lance has a delicate matter to raise with his King *

A Muffler's Assignment: Gwen is sent on her first assignment *

The Muffler's Retrospective: The Oracle reviews history to help decide how to keep humanity safe *

The Muffler's Misery: The novel

Two Mufflers Chatting: Brenda and Bristow chat about the future

The Substrate

A Substrate Reunion: A sequel to A Revision of Reality, Leaving Juventas, and The Muffler's Misery in one fell swoop *

* These stories are also available in the free short story collection Mutterings of Consequence, available free when you subscribe to Mark W White's newsletter



Press Preview for a sneak peek at the introduction and first story in Substrate Constraints

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