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The Author

Mark W White is an author of speculative fiction: definitively SF stories, light fantasy tales, and others straddling the boundaries of mainstream fiction.

A few years back, he took a six-month break in his software development and management career. After decades working in the broadcast and semiconductor industries, he'd been promoted further than he'd ever intended, so took the time to have a breather. In that break, he wrote the story that had been rattling around his brain for about twenty-five years. The internet had trampled over a few of the ideas in the interim, but the core of the story was unaffected – and suddenly seemed even more relevant. The Stream was born.

He then resumed his career, running software development at another company. Before long, two things became apparent. First, he began to tire of managing yet another product development team: been there, done that. Second, he really, really wanted to write. So he resigned, reinvented himself, and is now a full-time author.

His first major project was to transform the themes of his seminal story, The Stream, into something new. Emerging from its ashes was the trilogy of novels called The Tamboli Sequence: A Vision of Unity, A Division of Order and A Revision of Reality. It was also the perfect vehicle to try to make sense of the forces overtaking the world: the rise of nationalism, the success of the politics of division, and the role of misinformation.

Then it was time for a change of pace. Moving away from world- and era-spanning drama, next came a speculative, small-scale family tale set in rural Wiltshire, England. In Memory of Chris Parsons was a more personal story set in a world that wasn't quite what it seemed.

Having enjoyed being inspired by his own personal experiences for that novel, he decided to draw upon his earliest employment in the stuffy corridors of the civil service in the late 1970s. What would be the perfect vehicle for that?

Why, a light fantasy novel in a society with low-level, everyday magic, of course. The world of The Mufflers was born, with the first novel being The Muffler's Ministry – a more relaxed, at times humorous affair. The Muffler's Mission is the sequel to this tale, with The Muffler's Misery completing the trilogy.

Undergoing delusions of grandeur, he has united all his novels into a single, overarching universe with the short story collection, Substrate Constraints and the standalone novel, Scouring Juventas.

Now that universe is complete, it's time to move on to another one, or maybe two. Watch this space for Two Earths Are Better Than None.

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