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The Muffler's Ministry

In a world with everyday magic, technology must be suppressed.
The Mufflers, a light fantasy trilogy: Book 1

The Muffler's Ministry cover

Everyday low-level magic is commonplace, the only thing forbidden is technology. The ruins of the old world serve as a constant reminder of why humanity must never venture down that path again.


Rowan Webb is recruited into the secretive Ministry responsible for ensuring technological advancement is suppressed – The Mufflers, who turn out to be a surprisingly friendly and eccentric bunch.


Venturing out into the community with a familiar called Pythia, Rowan has every intention of having as good a time as possible while working undercover. For most people, society is fair and comfortable. It seems the perfect opportunity to enjoy life with old flame Tia Tobin.

Pythia puts a damper on things by making Rowan document the journey, just in case there's an enquiry later.


Then the shadows of the past re-emerge to really ruin the fun – and threaten ultimate destruction. Tia's not happy with Rowan either.


Key Characters

Rowan Webb:  Our genial hero, child of the Minister of Information, author of this journal.

Pythia: Rowan's familiar and grumpy conscience.

Dave Elkington: Rowan's former colleague and bête noire back at the Ministry of Information.

Ashley Carter:  Fellow Muffler who takes care of Rowan's induction into the Ministry.

Mr Bristow:  Rowan's head of division in the Ministry, who goes by the designation XX7.

Brenda: Seems to be everywhere at the Ministry, delivering mail, serving food and drink, keeping an eye on things.

Tia Tobin: An old flame who makes Rowan face up to a painful reality.



Press Preview for a sneak peek at the opening three chapters of The Muffler's Ministry.

Muffler's Tales


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