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A Division of Order

After a bit of hiatus due to a little personal turmoil that I won't bother you with (other than this annoying tease), I've finally started making progress on my relaunch again. If you've lost track of what I'm doing, then for the full background and how I ended up getting carried away, take a look here.

I've now completed the transformation of the novel formerly known as Long Division into the new and shiny A Division of Order. The final cover for this is above, and the new blurb is as follows:

Juno is an ordered authoritarian society that desperately needs reform. A man known only as Tamboli knows how to divide it, but can it be put together again afterwards?

Jemma is determined to discover the truth behind their closed, secretive world. Progressing through society, she becomes convinced that the ruling Director caste has too much power.

Unfortunately only an undercover resistance movement – led by a faceless man called Tamboli – is likely to change things, but their tactic of fomenting division puts her closest friends in danger. 

Torn between her desire for reform and the need to protect her friends, Jemma faces the ultimate dilemma. Can a society kept ignorant of its own nature survive a malignant force knowing the truth? 

Previously published as Long Division by Mark White

The Tamboli Sequence: three novels shining a light in the shadows of Tamboli’s vision.

As with the other novels, I've not made any change to the story itself, but I have tweaked the wording where the grammar didn't match my current style and clarified a couple of political issues that I didn't think came across right. For more details on the political and how they match my views, take a look here.

The new text is uploaded and ready to go on my new Amazon publishing account (as Mark W White) both for Kindle and Paperback, and is also ready for other eReaders via Draft2Digital. I've already received the paperback proof, and all looks good. Another one ticked off the list.

I won't press the button to publish these versions until the whole set of novels is ready, as I'll need to unpublish the original versions first, and then update the website, which I'd prefer to do all in one go.

I've also completed the sequel short story called A Redivision of Community which is set decades after the end of A Division of Order, featuring one familiar character, plus their daughter, Sandra – who is the grandmother of Nevin, one of the protagonists in A Revision of Reality. It also explores a little about the constitution of Juno that was in place at the end of the novel, and why some of it was included. I know it's a simplistic approach that would be unlikely to scale, but I thought it was a decent starting point for a closed society like Juno, especially given what they'd just been through.

You'll be able to get A Redivision of Community free as part of my collection Mutterings of Consequence by signing up for my mailing list, once everything is ready.

And that's it. I'd better crack on with transforming Transformation into A Revision of Reality.

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