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A Vision of Unity

If you're keeping up with my plans (can't say I blame you if you're not, I'm struggling...) then you know I'm planning a major relaunch of all my novels, hopefully by the end of the year. For the full background and how I ended up getting carried away, take a look here.

Now that I've completed the final draft of my next novel, The Muffler's Ministry, I've now returned to the task of getting everything ready. It's a long, laborious process, as I'm reviewing every aspect of the novels, including the text.

The first of these that I've been working on is the novel Integration, which will transform into A Vision of Unity. Well, I've now completed it!

The final cover is shown above, and the blurb is as follows:

Raj Tamboli has a vision: to unite a fractured world, everyone must be neurally linked to a shared online environment known as the Stream – but at what cost?

In order to avert a looming nuclear holocaust, Raj risks everything to fulfil his vision. Millions die. Carole Cantor is the last person to see him and vows to hold him to account.

Two centuries later, the resultant world basks in an unprecedented era of peace thanks to Raj Tamboli's vision. So why are people dying mysteriously in their sleep? Only historian Kofi Albus is in a position to find out.

Carole and Kofi's lives resonate across the centuries to reveal the truth behind Raj Tamboli's botched gamble. How can Kofi learn the lessons of history when that history turns out to be a lie?

Previously published as Integration by Mark White.

The Tamboli Sequence: three novels shining a light in the shadows of Tamboli's vision.

I've not made any change to the story itself, but I have tweaked the wording where the grammar didn't match my current style and clarified a couple of political issues that I didn't think came across right. For more details on the political and how they match my views, take a look here.

The new text is uploaded and ready to go on my new Amazon publishing account (as Mark W White) both for Kindle and Paperback, and is also ready for other eReaders via Draft2Digital. I may make paperbacks available via Draft2Digital too, but not until everything else is published. I'm currently awaiting the proof paperback copy of the novel for double-checking, but hopefully that will be fine.

I won't press the button to publish these versions until the whole set of novels is ready, as I'll need to unpublish the original versions first, and then update the website, which I'd prefer to do all in one go.

I've completed the sequel short story called A Provision of Succession which gives more detail on how Katinka Farkas gets to be where she is at the beginning of Transformation/A Revision of Reality. You'll be able to get that free as part of my collection Mutterings of Consequence by signing up for my mailing list, once everything is ready.

And that's it. I'd better crack on with Long Division. I mean, A Division of Order.

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