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Website update for the Irrational Trilogy

As you can probably see if you're reading this post, I've made the promised update of my website ready for the full Irrational Trilogy. Each part now has its own page, ready and waiting, and there's even a sneak overview of the story of Differentiation. Of course, I reserve the right to change this without notice!

There's now a preview of the (draft) first three chapters of Integration available. This will probably be tweaked a little before final publication, but should give a pretty good idea what's going on. You'll see the first two chapters have changed quite a bit since the early drafts I provided as blog posts.

The main Long Division page currently still links to the original edition on Amazon, but will be updated when the second edition is available, which is likely to be at the same time as Integration how. The first pass at the updates are complete, it just needs one final read through. The changes mainly comprised wording and typo fixes, plus a couple of better links into the world of Integration, which was the original purpose of the exercise. I have, however, added one small extra scene at the start of the first chapter, which made it a better lead-in and introduced a couple of important characters earlier than before.

I also reworked a small scene at the start of a chapter in part three, just for narrative effectiveness. The preview of the first three chapters of Long Division available on the website now shows this new edition, to give a clearer idea of what's coming.

Oh, there's added cheese now too. It's a bit of a metaphor, but I'll let you work that out.

One non-story but significant change I've also made is to rename two of the characters in Long Division – well their pseudonyms anyway. This has no impact on the story whatsoever, but does add an extra resonance with Integration and, most importantly, links really well with the theme in Differentiation. Credit goes to my son for the original idea, but he had no idea how well it would work with part three!

Finally, as I've also discussed before, I've now unpublished The Stream given its potential to confuse the stories of Integration and Differentiation. For historical reasons, I've made this available as a free download through the website. I've tagged the short story sequel, Epicinium, onto the end too. Full details can be found in the new Foreword and Afterword in the download.

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