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Scouring Juventas: Final Draft Complete

I'm delighted to announce that the final draft of Scouring Juventas is now complete and ready to publish. The changes I made in the third draft held up well on my last read through.

I did manage to trim a little, mainly repeated points and unnecessary detail, but it still comes in at slightly over 105,000 words. It seems to be the length the story wishes to be, so who am I to quibble?

Everything is formatted and uploaded, ready to publish on Amazon. I'm just awaiting the paperback proof copy for final checking, especially as I've made a few minor tweaks to my usual layout. Assuming that's OK, I'd hope to publish no later than the end of the first week of April.

As usual, the novel will be exclusive to Amazon for three months, then I will distribute it more widely via Draft2Digital. That version is uploaded and ready to go too.

Then it will be time to get on with my next projects. I have a few short stories I intend to write first. One is set in the Scouring Juventas world; the others will be used to ease myself back into the era of The Mufflers ahead of writing The Muffler's Mission.

These new short stories won't be part of Mutterings of Consequence, at least not yet. I'm looking to create a much larger set of stories to publish after The Muffler's Mission. I'm still deciding on the final form of this, but I intend to make it available through Amazon as well as a free version to replace the current collection. It'll be at least twice as long, and have one extended piece.

I'll be back with details on that later, as I will when Scouring Juventas is published.

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