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Transformation: Part Two Complete

Another milestone achieved approximately 5 minutes ago, as I type this sentence. Part 2 (Apocrypha) of the first draft of Transformation is now complete. That puts me at 53,000 words towards my first draft target of 75,000 words, although having planned out what's going to happen in the last part yet to be written, I have a feeling it's going to come in closer to 72,000 words. We'll see.

Part 2 stayed at 5 chapters, as I expected, but the titles changed as the action drifted between them. I had trouble with one character, in particular, who kept wanting to follow her own agenda. I let her do as she wanted, which has set up the finale in a much more intriguing way than I'd originally planned. The chapter titles ended up as Insurgency, Instinct, Introspection, Incarceration and Intrigue.

To keep characterisation consistent and add a bit of foreshadowing, I've also performed a little tweaking to the Prelude and Interludes, including renaming them entirely to make them stand out from the crowd as something a little different. So, this is now the structure of the book:

Prelude – The Ritual of Ascension (Katinka Farkas)

Part 1 – Proselytism (Nevin)

Interlude – The Guardians of the Stream (Katinka Farkas)

Part 2 – Apocrypha (Katinka Farkas)

Interlude – The Foundation of the Continuity Church (Katinka Farkas)

Part 3 – Bardo (Nevin)

Interlude – The Road to Revenge (Amy)

Part 4 – Pralaya (Multiple)

So, that just leaves part 4 (Pralaya) to write. You may notice I've changed it so that the perspective is from multiple characters again. It will primarily be Nevin and Katinka Farkas, but a couple of other characters will also get a look-in occasionally for sections of the chapters.

I've also planned out the structure for Pralaya, which will comprise 7 chapters, or more correctly, 6 chapters and a sort-of epilogue. These are provisionally called Debrief, Deliverance, Denial, Debilitate, Deactivate, Denouement and Denature.

This will be the longest part of the novel, and the most complicated to write. Well, I did want to stretch myself.

Watch this space...

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