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Transformation: It's Ready!

One final post to sign off the year that was 2019 – a year to wish had never happened in too many ways, but one which bought me great satisfaction in the completion of the Tamboli Sequence.

Yesterday, I finished the final read through of the updated draft of Transformation. There were a few wording fixes, a couple of typos, and some extra sentences slotted in to improve the readability of some conversations and clarity of context switches between the parts of the novel. I was more than happy with the result. It's another novel that I feel I've grown as an author in its creation, and in some ways, as a person.

Today, I've put the polishing touches to the Amazon submission, and formatted both the Kindle and paperback versions, so it's ready to publish as soon as possible.

I'm in the process of ordering a proof copy of the paperback. Once I've received that, and assuming there's nothing significant arising from it, then I'll be ready to publish Transformation very early in 2020. A great way to start the new year!

Finally, I'd like to wish all my readers (yes, both of you) a Happy New Year. Here's to a more positive 2020 than many of us fear lies ahead.

I'll follow up in the next couple of days on my current thoughts on my next novel, My Family and Other Ghosts.

[Update: Sat 4 Jan AM]

Today was the day I was hoping to add an excited new post saying I’d received my proof copy, all was good, and I’d pressed the button to publish the versions. However, I’ve just had a notification from Amazon that my book seems to have gone missing and I’m not likely to get it until Tuesday. Sigh.

[Update: Sat 4 Jan PM]

So, very quietly, I’ve gone ahead and published the Kindle version anyway – definitely happy with that version, and needs no more checking. It should be live for purchase very shortly, and I’ve added buttons to the U.K. and US sites on the website. I’ll make a more general announcement of its availability once both versions are available and the Amazon pages are linked correctly, which usually requires me asking them to fix things.

[Update: Mon 6 Jan]

A day earlier the expected, the proof copy of Transformation arrived. I found the obligatory formatting mistake that I'd missed in my online review (there's always one), fixed it, and uploaded the new version. Have just pressed the Publish button, and the Amazon gears are now turning. Not long now...

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