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The Journey

So my new novel has a working title, The Journey. As described in my last post, it will be set in an insular society, and will follow Jemma from young adulthood through to a position of responsibility. The true nature of the society should hopefully be revealed along the way - but that's just the setting, not the story.

It's been interesting to work out the details and history of the society, which has helped crystallise much of the story in my mind. Now just the small matter of writing it.

I like to get the structure and pacing of the story clear in my mind before setting out on my personal journey of writing it. Just about there with that, but not happy that my characters are fleshed out well enough yet, certainly not the main antagonist whose relationship with Jemma will drive the story. That's my challenge for this bank holiday weekend.

To celebrate my progress this far, I've made The Stream available as a free download for Kindle until the end of Monday. Follow the links on this site and get it while it's free!

The Muffler's Ministry cover
The Muffler's Mission cover
In Memory of Chris Parsons cover
A Vision of Unity cover
A Division of Order cover
A Revision of Reality cover
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