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I made some minor redactions to the last couple of blog posts as they ended up having some spoilers for my next novel “The Journey”. The tale evolved differently to how I originally planned, so something that was originally going to be clear from the start now doesn’t get revealed until a third of the way through.

At least I didn’t do a David Davis and pretend they never existed in the first place...

I’ve just reached that point of the story now, at the end of section 2 of 5. Quite pleased with how it’s going so far in the first draft. A very different novel to The Stream, much more focussed on the characters and the society they live in. Feels more of a political story than a science fiction one right now, but the future setting is critical to the tale.

“The Journey” is definitely a working title, and will change. It’ll be a single word title, just need to decide which one. Spoilt for choice...

Thanks as ever to my son Darren for the feedback on part 1. It really helped me sort out a few characterisation and consistency issues. All ready to crack on with part 3 now, although I need to do a bit of research first.

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