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Preparing for Long Division

After a few delays, I've finally sent off the submission package of Long Division to a few agents to see if I can get it published via more traditional means this time. Always a long shot, but definitely worth a try. I'd love my story to get out to a wider audience.

In the meantime, while I'm still mainly in the planning stage of After The Flood, I thought I'd prepare it for self-publishing, just in case. I'm a great one for planning for the most likely scenario, and then be pleasantly surprised if something better happens.

As an aside, that's one of the reasons I'm actively preparing for a No Deal Brexit. Ironically the title of this blog post accidentally describes it pretty well. I'd highly recommend James Patrick's Getting Ready Together to anyone who wants to responsibly prepare their family for the worst. In fact, I'd recommend his works in general - and Alternative War in particular - if you want to really know what's going on, he's been pretty spot on since I first came across his work in early 2017.

Anyway, back to Long Division. It's all just about ready to go live on the Amazon site as soon as I press the button. However, I won't be doing that for at least a month while I wait to see what happens. I expect I'll tweak the cover image a bit, and the blurb on the back (I hate writing blurbs..), but it's pretty close. This picture is more-or-less how it will appear on the Kindle page, with the paperback being a variant of this. The proof copy of the paperback should arrive tomorrow, after which I'm sure I will make a few adjustments. I think the story-relevant subtle watermarks on the cover are a little too subtle, so I'll be the only one who actually spots them!

Next step...refresh the website to focus on Long Division. It's well overdue a decent update. When ready, I'll put a preview of the first few chapters of the novel there too.

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