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Muffler's Ministry: Redraft Complete

Yes, it's time for another milestone update, along with a slightly tweaked new cover – mainly for improved colour balance.

I've now completed my major redraft after early reader feedback, to produce my third draft. It's got the restructured and shortened first part (although not by as much as I'd expected, as I also added new stuff in!), the final part has been split into two, the first of which has been expanded, and the second of which has a brand new ending.

As I can't be arsed to type it all, here's a screenshot of the final part and chapter structure.

In total, we're now up to 105,000 words. I'm pretty pleased with it. So what's next?

I'm going to leave it alone for a few days, during which time I'll write a new short story to replace my original one which has been repurposed as part of the new part four, and the opening of the second novel in the series. Then, I'll give it one final, careful readthrough to check for typos and any inconsistencies that have snuck in in the rework. Once that's done, I'll be ready to make my agent submissions.

The new short story will be called A Muffler's Vigil, by the way.

That's it for now. I'll be back once I've made the submissions with an expected timeline for its self-publication if I don't get any interest. I'll also give the latest details on my plan for a non-Amazon-specific relaunch.

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