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Muffler's Ministry Fully Available

As promised back when I published The Muffler's Ministry for Kindle and Amazon paperback in January 2021, I've now made the novel available through all my other usual outlets, such as Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo and many more. Just click on the Buy link on the book's webpage, and you'll be taken to a central landing page where you can select your preferred retailer.

As I've mentioned before, I'm currently working on the second novel set in the world of The Mufflers, called The Muffler's Mission. Each book is a standalone story, but you definitely want to read them in order.

To be honest, progress on the novel has been slower than is usual for me – I'm only halfway through part one at present. That's not down to problems with the story, or lack of ideas, more down to lack of concentration! Having been living alone since November last year, and with my support bubble not living locally, this latest lockdown in the UK since Christmas has been harder to adjust to. Now things are loosening a little, and I'd had my first vaccination, that concentration is slowly coming back, and the momentum is building up.

The chapters in part one that I outlined in my last post on the novel have changed a little, adding one more into the mix. The chapters are now Anticipation, Consummation, Excursion, Reorganisation, Confrontation and Embarkation.

I've not been wasting my time. Firstly, I've been expanding my cooking skills and repertoire, which I've really enjoyed, although it has led to an equally expanding waistline.

Secondly, although concentration was lacking in putting words on the page, it didn't lack ideas. I've now a pretty clear idea of the novel that comes next. Although I am planning at least one more novel in The Mufflers world, and have a pretty clear idea on the story for that, I have something else in mind first.

It will be a standalone SF novel with the working title of Scouring Juventas. It's set in the universe of The Tamboli Sequence, a few centuries after the end of A Revision of Reality, or more correctly, after the short story A Subdivision of Humanity which you can find in my free collection, Mutterings of Consequence. You won't need to have read The Tamboli Sequence, it's definitely a one-off story, but I like to know how it fits in my overall universe. This made sense to me.

That's all you're getting on that. It's way too early to go into details, but if you have read A Subdivision of Humanity, you can work out the setting. It takes place about three generations after the arrival of the vessel described in that story.

Right, enough prevaricating. I'd better finish The Muffler's Mission first.

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