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Muffler's Ministry Ready to Publish

In amongst all the kerfuffle of getting my new author platform ready and all my existing novels reissued – which is now complete – I haven't given an update on The Muffler's Ministry for a while.

As before, I'm currently waiting to see if I can get any agents interesting in this novel, with a view to going the traditional publishing route. I'm giving this phase until around mid-January 2021, at which time I'll decide to go the self-publishing route if nothing satisfactory has happened.

I'm much more comfortable going that route than before, having got my new author platform up and running, including my mailing list and the short story collection Mutterings of Consequence. The latter already contains a short story set in the world of The Mufflers, called A Muffler's Vigil.

I've just spent a few days giving The Muffler's Ministry a final readthrough to flush out any remaining minor issues, so it's all ready to go. I've even uploaded it to the Amazon KDP and Draft2Digital sites ready to publish if I go that route – nothing like being prepared, what with Christmas and the New Year coming up. I've also got a proof copy of the paperback arriving next week, which will be the last thing off the self-publishing checklist.

I'd still prefer to go the traditional publishing route for this novel – I'm even more excited by its possibilities having read it again after a break of a couple of months – but happy to go the self-publishing road again otherwise.

In the meantime, I'm going to write another short story set in the world of The Mufflers, called A Muffler Candidate, which will be added to my Mutterings of Consequence collection. This is set a couple of years before The Muffler's Ministry, and it tells how Colin Head (who you'll meet in the novel) first gets involved with The Mufflers.

Then, I'll be starting work on the second novel in The Muffler's universe, currently titled The Muffler's Mission. All the novels are standalone, but definitely need to be read in order.

I'll be back with more details in the New Year.

[Update: 22nd December 2020]

I've got the proof copy through now, and all looks good!

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