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The Muffler's Mission Released

I'm delighted to announce that The Muffler's Mission, the sequel to The Muffler's Ministry, is now (just about) available.

The proof copy arrived today, earlier than I'd expected, hence it's going live slightly earlier too, if only by a few days. If you need proof of the proof, that's the photo above. As everything looks fine, I thought, "why not press the Publish button today?"

So I did.

By "just about," I mean that I've pressed the Publish button for both the Kindle and paperback editions. At the time of writing this blog post, it's passed the Kindle review stage and is now publishing to the Amazon sites worldwide. That won't take long. The paperback always takes a little longer, but I've never had any issues there.

Basically, by the time you read this, you'll probably be able to order it. The "Buy" button will appear on The Muffler's Mission page on this website as soon as you can.

With that out of the way, I guess I've no excuse about starting on my next novel, Scoring Juventas. One more blog post to come first in a couple of days – about the writing process that I've finally settled upon and what seems to work for my strangely formed brain – then I expect to put the first words onto the page early next week. This blog post will give a few things away about that novel too.

The Muffler's Ministry cover
The Muffler's Mission cover
In Memory of Chris Parsons cover
A Vision of Unity cover
A Division of Order cover
A Revision of Reality cover
Substrate Constraints (Web).jpg
Scouring Juventas - Tile.jpg
MiseryCover (Web).jpg
Mutterings of Consequence.jpg
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