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Long Division Now Available!

At last, my second novel, Long Division, is now available through Amazon. It’s available either for download to your Kindle or physically as a paperback.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier blog posts, my novel is yet another way to explore the dangers posed the techniques of fascism, while telling a cracking story of its personal impact in a world already in need of reform.

It follows the lives of Jemma and her school friend Kwame as they venture out into the closed, authoritarian society of Juno, whose true nature is revealed later. Tragedy and betrayal cause them to choose opposing sides as a secretive organisation seeks to divide the population. When Jemma’s colleagues are targeted by persecution as the subversion takes effect, she is torn between her need to protect her friends and her desire to create a fairer world.

Having researched how fascism came to ascendancy in parts of Europe in the run-up to WWII, I wanted to explore the personal impact of the use of similar tactics in an unsuspecting world. My protagonist starts as a supporter of the rigid, insular culture; my antagonist wants more freedom.

There are links available to order it from the dedicated Long Division page on this website. Note: at time of writing, the paperback version isn't linked to the main Kindle page referenced from my website. This will hopefully be fixed by the time you read this. If it's not, just search for "Long Division Mark White paperback".

I really hope you enjoy my new novel, it’s quite a different beast to The Stream.

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