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Differentiation: First Steps

If you've read my recent posts on the other two novels in my nascent Irrational Trilogy, you'll know that they both exist in one form or another - Long Division has been published, but is due an update, and Integration is currently out for editor review. Although they're a few months off being published, my thoughts are turning towards the final novel in the trilogy, Differentiation. Look, it's even got a cover.

This is the story that actually unites Integration and Long Division into definitively the same universe, although there are hints in both of those novels already. However, I do intend that it works as a standalone novel, but there should be a level of resonance that make it more satisfying if you've read the others.

Differentiation will start off in the world of Juno approximately a century after the events of Long Division, but will also be set on the Earth of Integration. Indeed, I'm expecting a character from Integration to make an appearance, but don't think you can read anything into their relative timelines from that! The story will also spread into the other worlds of the Confluvium - a concept that I originally used in my first (soon to be withdrawn) novel, The Stream.

In terms of themes, this is the quote I've currently got on my cover page:

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

I may change it - not a great fan of the condescension of "common people" but it's not a bad starting point. Can't really blame Seneca the Younger for not entirely being up to date given he lived two thousand years ago!

Anyway, I'll be concentrating on getting Integration and Long Division (second edition) out there first, but Differentiation is definitely crystallising in my mind now. I bet it'll change beyond recognition before I start in earnest, so expect a subsequent blog post denying I said any of this.

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