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As you may have noticed, this website now comes with added advertisements for your exploitation. My apologies, especially at the outset where there are quite so many.

I'm doing this as an experiment. Given the relatively low volume of traffic I get, I'm not looking to make any profit from this. My main hope was that, given my extremely low income at present while I'm still improving as a writer and only self-publishing, is that it will make enough for the website to be self-financing. I just need it to be enough to pay for the hosting and the domain registration, and I'll be more than happy.

To start off with, I've put the maximum adverts that I think the website design can cope with; one down the left, two smaller ones down the right, once across the footer and then one embedded in each content page itself. If you're looking at the website on an iPad or similar, you probably won't see the left and right adverts, There's only a couple on the mobile version of the page too-one at the top, and one at the bottom.

I'll see how the revenue goes, and which ones are generating the revenue, and then hopefully reduce them over time.

I've taken the opportunity to make a few other minor improvements to the site too, like recent Blog positing available from a few lightly-populated pages, more Bio details and an enhanced front page.

I'll keep it under review, and hopefully I'll be able to restore the website to something closer to its original aesthetic glory soon.

P.S. If you see any dodgy adverts, I'd be grateful if you could let me know what they are via my Contact page. I've tried to filter out ones I might personally find ethically questionable (like PPI adverts), but some still may slip through the net.

[Update] After a couple of days, I decided the left and right adverts were an overkill, slowing the pages down too much and making it look horrible and cluttered. Right now, I just have one embedded on each page, plus one at the footer. I hope that's the right balance.

[Update 2] Still not happy with the ad experience, so at the moment none will appear, but I’ll revisit ahead of publication of Integration

[Update 3] Slightly behind schedule, as I went ahead and published Integration and Long Division a week earlier than I originally planned, but the ads should reappear by tomorrow (22nd Aug 2019). I've made quite a few changes to the structure of the website, especially the front page, which made everything slot together a bit more nicely. The overkill of the side ads have definitely gone, but the shared one at the footer remains, and there should be a single unique one on each page, including the blogs now. I think that's a reasonable compromise, but will keep it under review.

[Update 4] Yes, I know the adverts aren’t there yet. Sigh. It’s all enabled and they’re supposed to be, but there’s a disconnect somewhere at the Google end, I believe. Awaiting response from them...

[Update 5] They’re back :)

[Update 6: 15 Sep 19] Having lived with the ads for a few weeks, I wasn't happy that the amount of revenue they're generating justified the level of ugliness it added to the site, plus the sub-optimal page loading time. So, I've now gone in and greatly reduced them. The footer is still there, as are the ads on the less frequently used pages. However for the primary pages relating to the Tamboli Sequence, I've removed the second ads at present. I'll keep it all under review to ensure the user experience is good enough.

[Update 7: 1 Oct 19] Well, it was fun while it lasted. Got more and more dissatisfied by the negative functional and aesthetic impact the ads had on my site, especially against the level of revenue they provided, so have now removed them all. Well, at least for now. I might re-review if traffic warrants it in future, but hopefully if it does, that mean I'm selling in such copious amounts that I don't need the income top up!

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