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Two Earths Published!

I'm delighted to announce that my novel, Two Earths Are Better Than None, is now available on Amazon.

As is usual with my novels, it will be exclusive to Amazon for three months. I'll roll it out to the other marketplaces after that, likely around 11th December.

The above image is the layout of the cover for the paperback. If you can't read the blurb, it says:



A light-hearted tale of galactic subjugation

The death throes of Mason Ross's marriage to Emily are interrupted by the friendly alien invasion of the Peria. The next thing he knows, the Peria are leaving, and he's married to Lissa, the ex-girlfriend he should never have betrayed.

This Lissa lives on a parallel Earth, part of the Duality formed by the mysterious Schism. Mason's marriage there isn't much better either.

The Peria are searching for people like Mason whose consciousness can cross the Schism. Not just humans, but other aliens too. The Duality is collapsing. If everyone works together, it can be halted before catastrophe strikes.

Disillusioned with both his lives, Mason finds it hard to resist space travel, meeting aliens, and bundles of cash. What could possibly go wrong? Then he encounters Beth Borden, who takes an instant dislike to him. It saves time.

Slowly, a darker truth is revealed. It will take an unexpected alliance with other alien races to bring events to a head, armed with little more than Beth's sarcasm.


As you can probably tell, this is my most light-hearted tale to date, even though the story sometimes gets dark.

If you find the paperback unavailable on Amazon, it can take a day or so longer than the Kindle version. It'll come. In all likelihood, it'll be there before you check.

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