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The Tamboli Sequence is complete!

What with all the excitement of getting back to My Family and Other Ghosts, and planning the next steps, I completely forgot to do the promised post when Transformation was live.

As you can see from the picture above, I've now got the paperback edition of Transformation back in my grubby hands, which means that the Tamboli Sequence is complete. I must admit I'm pretty proud of it.

As well as pressing on with My Family and Other Ghosts (I've just finished chapter 5), I'll be spending a bit more time in trying to promote the trilogy and generate a few more sales. Although I write for the sheer love of doing so, a little money would be nice :-)

I'd been holding off doing anything until the trilogy was complete, but I'm about to do my first foray into the arcane world of Amazon ads. The first step of this is to improve the keywords that I've selected for these novels so they come up in sensible and relevant searches better. My first research on this topic today has convinced me that my current selection of keywords sue the correct technical term...crap.

So, I've got a draft selection of improved words and phrases for each novel, but I'll not make them go live until early next week, in case anything better comes to mind. Then we'll see what traction the ads get before revisiting this regularly in the background, whenever I'm stuck on a chapter.

As part of my research, I did some google searches into some of the key terms, names and phrases in the novels – not to any great effect, but one result did amuse me. If you search for the section names of Long Division, having Mein Kampf as one of the top matches is particularly apt to its primary theme, as you'll know if you've read the novel. I think I did a good job there. Try it.

And that's it. Quite a feeling of satisfaction to get my first trilogy out live in the world. If you have read and enjoyed any of the novels, a review on Amazon would be highly appreciated to help to spread the word.

Oh, all right then, here's one last photo of the paperback:

[Update 22nd January 2020]

Following my recent update of the front covers and blurbs (see subsequent post) I’ve just update the photo at the top of the post with the latest paperback. Didn’t think it warranted a separate post, so this will do. I’ve left the photo of the original cover of Transformation at the bottom for posterity.

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