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The Skein

Well, that didn't last long. I was bored with the name The Plexus within 24 hours, and I couldn't get it to work thematically in the end. So no point in sticking with a bad decision, time for a change.

The Plexus is now...The Skein. Well at least for today. It definitely works better, and I cringe less when I say it out loud - although the cats didn't express a preference, other than by bringing a live bird in and letting it go upstairs just after I changed the name.

Feathers now cleaned up, and bird rescued and released in the back garden. Time to crack on and write it I guess.

I've got the main five characters and the world fleshed out enough to get started I think. I've got the events of the first two or three chapters fairly clear in my mind too, so I'll crack on and see how the characters evolve. That should give me enough to roughly plan out the rest of the first section.

At the moment I'm expecting the story to be split into three sections, provisionally called Genesis, Evolution and Pralaya. There's nothing like mixing religions with a bit of science...

Here we go. Kumi, Adjoa and Lukas are about to meet Rani and Manu for the first time. It's just a pity the world is about to end.

P.S. On my choice of music for this novel, I've just heard Andy Partridge's album Powers for the first time after working through Fuzzy Warbles. Weird. I'll give it a couple more listens to see if my brain adjusts. I've also added the Dukes Of Stratosphear to my Andy Partridge/XTC playlist. I'd forgotten how good some of Chips From a Chocolate Fireball was.

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