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The Muffler's Misery: Part 2 Complete

And there's the first draft of part two of The Muffler's Misery complete. Other than renaming it, renaming three of the four chapters, the flow of the story and several key events, it worked out exactly as I expected...

More importantly, I had great fun writing it. There was even an unexpected horseback chase scene that I had no idea would happen when I started writing the chapter. Considering I had a week-long break in the middle for personal stuff, that went reasonably quickly.

I think I set my writing record yesterday, completing the 4,400-word final chapter in a single day. Even more amazingly, it held up well when I re-read it today.

In summary, part two is now called The Ex-Minister. It comprises four chapters: Preparation, Observation, Infiltration, and Conversion, coming in at 15,000 words. That's 32,000 words through the first draft, which I reckon will come in around 75,00 words.

Now, it's time for part three, The Father. This will be shorter, with only three chapters, provisionally called Solution, Reunion, and Resolution. This will set things up nicely for the final two parts.

Unusually, there will be a little time passing between parts three and four, so this part is a conclusion to the first act of this novel. Since the beginning of the first book, The Muffler's Ministry, very little time has passed, with events happening back-to-back over a few short weeks. To finish this phase, a break of a few months is needed to let things settle down into a new normal.

But first, part three. Actually, first, I'm doing some decorating, but close enough.

The Muffler's Ministry cover
The Muffler's Mission cover
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A Revision of Reality cover
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