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Quiet time

It's been a quiet time on my blog, largely as I've been moving house, and getting settled in - and spending too much money on a new TV, PS4 and Sonos surround sound system. At least it's now walking distance to the office of my day job, which has been very pleasant when the weather was hot.

I've been writing a little on and off, but a bit hampered on research as I'm still without broadband. I seem to be experiencing the same long drawn out saga getting Virgin broadband installed as many, with last minute delays and lack of feedback unless you chase things up. Don't have any sensible other options in this area, otherwise I'd have gone elsewhere.

Finally it looks like the day is nearly here, I've got a cable stretched across the garden which reaches the front of the house. Hoping they'll tidy that away a bit when they install it properly on Thursday.

I'll provide an an update on what's happening in the world of The Stream soon. The royalties are rolling in now, think I should be able to retire before long. Or maybe I'll use the proceeds to buy pizza for dinner tonight. Decisions, decisions...

Normal service will be resumed shortly...I hope.

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