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Proof of existance

I know these days in Brexit Britain, we're supposed to accept what we're told without question, even where there is evidence to the contrary. However, I'm not one of those people, so if I make an assertion that it's available in paperback, I feel like I should show it to you. So here it is, in all its glory, no photoshopping involved.

It was a good feeling when I first sent my story out into the wild, and knew other people were reading the Kindle version. However, there's nothing quite like holding a physical copy in your hand, so this is quite a milestone for me.

I've priced it as cheap as I really can, given the overheads of Amazon's print-on-demand service. I think I'll make a heady 76p profit for every sale - although this was never about the money. Impressively fast turnaround though - it was only Friday morning when I pressed "Publish" on the paperback version. Within a few hours it was available for purchase in USA, UK and Europe, and by Saturday evening, I have a physical copy in my hands. Can't complain at that.

It's interesting seeing where my book has been downloaded from so far. Not too surprisingly there's been around twice as many from the USA as from the UK. More surprisingly however, there's been as many downloads from Amazon Germany as from the UK.

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