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My Family and Other Ghosts released!

I'm pleased to announce that My Family and Other Ghosts is now available from the Amazon store! It's at the tempting low price of £1.99.

It's slightly earlier than I originally announced as I had a convenient moment to get the associated activities completed this week, so went ahead and pressed the button yesterday evening.

At the time of writing, only the Kindle edition is available, but the paperback version is in review and should pop out in a day or so. It'll then take up to a week for the Kindle and paperback version to end up on the same page, but it always gets there in the end, even if I have to do a bit of prodding along the way.

As with all my books up until now, this is available via Amazon for Kindle and paperback only at this stage, but I do have plans to roll it out more widely later in this year. You can find more detail on this here.

That's all for this post, just a brief one to celebrate the publication of my new novel and surviving being knocked over by a car today.*

* Yes, I felt like signing off with a little added dramatic effect. It's true, but very minor luckily, escaping with only a twisted ankle. The shop window that eventually stopped the car fared worse!

[Update 9 p.m. 29th July 2020] The paperback is now available, and – at least in the U.K. – has already been linked correctly with the Kindle edition.

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