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Integration: Third Draft Status

A very brief Sunday evening update on where I’m at with Integration. After my son had finished his read through of the second draft and made copious notes, we then spent most of Friday (other than a break to see the Dark Phoenix movie) discussing the ins and outs of the novel.

I’ve come out of it with some really good thoughts to consider: some things to fix, justify and improve, at least a couple of new scenes to write. I’ve started making the updates already, but I reckon it will take a couple of weeks to complete and review the changes.

It’s always good to get a second opinion on things, and I’d already started to see a few issues that needed fixing myself. Luckily his and my thoughts aligned pretty well (ignoring the odd argument!), and I’m confident I can fix the biggest problems with a few scenes to give the story and characters a little more time to breathe.

Once that’s done, I’ll be ready to submit it to a few agents to see if anyone’s interested. It’s always worth a try, but while waiting for feedback, I’ll be getting it ready to self-publish at the same time as the second edition of Long Division.

I’ll do an updated post, and a new preview of the opening chapters (with less swearing!), once the third draft is complete.

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