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Integration: Publication Plans

I thought I'd give a brief update on my plans for Integration now that I've sent off the revised draft to my son for review.

Well, firstly I've sent him a re-revised draft today! We had a few days away in North Wales over the weekend, and my subconscious highlighted a couple of minor issues I wanted to fix when I got back, which I did this morning. Nothing too significant, just something I realised had been said by the wrong character, and also something I needed to obfuscate a little by throwing a new character into the mix. All done before my son got to that bit! No more fiddling now until he sends back his thoughts, which may be a few weeks as he's somewhat busy writing himself.

I am intending on seeing if I can get an agent/publisher interested this time around, so my next task is to prepare the synopsis and covering letter ready, always such fun...

However I will also be getting everything ready to self-publish too, as I'd rather be prepared for all eventualities. I've updated the cover image ready, which you can see above. Next will be a blurb for the Amazon page and back of the paperback. I'll be doing a revamp of the website ready for Integration too, and the other parts of the Irrational Trilogy. As I mentioned before, I'll also be withdrawing The Stream from sale, but making it available for free via the website for historical interest.

At a rough guess, assuming I self publish Integration, I think that's probably about three months away, but don't hold me to that! I'm going to be pretty busy in the interim, especially as I'm planning an update to Long Division to make it fit better as the second part of my trilogy. But that's the subject of another post. Watch this space...

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