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Integration & Long Division Paperback

A quick early evening post to confirm that the first two books in the Tamboli Sequence, Integration and Long Division, are now fully available for ordering through Amazon, both for Kindle and in paperback.

As proof, here’s a picture of the paperbacks, freshly delivered today. Rather pleased with them, nothing quite like holding your own work in your hand for the first time. And I didn’t even find a typo on the first page I looked at. Bonus.

Just to get the ball rolling, I’ll be making Integration free for Kindle for a couple of days this weekend, beginning 24th August 2019.

I’ll follow up shortly, probably tomorrow, with a post in a bit more detail on where I’m at with Transformation. Nearly finished part one today, but left the end of the last chapter until I’m fresh in the morning as it needs a bit of care as a lot of subsequent action will pivot around what happens.

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