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Integration: It's a Wrap!

It's done. The final draft of Integration is complete.

When I say final - that's final ahead of submission to see if I can get any agents interested. I hope so, of course, but if not, then this will be the edition I self-publish in a couple of months.

Very pleased with the changes. I added three new scenes to better round off some characters arcs, padded a few scenes to pace them better and trimmed a few others too. I think five minor named characters bit the dust, mainly as they were incidental and confused the flow. Very few paragraphs escaped unchanged. I even renamed a pretty major character.

In total in went from 78,000 words on the second draft to 87,000 on this one. I think that's about right. Oddly the story now seems more focused and to the point, but I've given a couple of characters a bit more room to breathe.

Right, time to get that submission ready, and whittle down a list of lucky agents who'll get the privilege* of reading it. I'll also start preparing the versions ready to self-publish too, just in case.

I've updated the preview of the first three chapters on the website now to this final version. Enjoy!

* Yeah, right.

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