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Integration First Draft: Two Thirds Complete

I promised another update when I reached a suitable milestone, so here we are. It's one day after another non-Brexit day in perhaps an all-too long line of them, and Nigel Farage is back too, ramping up threats against our democracy. Quelle surprise, exactly as I predicted back in 2016. Once you understand how the techniques of fascism work, it's all too predictable.

Anyway, I've reached the two-thirds point in Integration, midway through chapter 14 of 20, and about 55,000 words. I think I'm going to overrun the target I set myself of 75,000 word for the first draft, but not by too far. Pretty pleased with it on the whole, although building uo a set of notes for things to address in the second draft, especially pacing.

As it's now obligatory, here's the current chapter title list, which has been tweaked a bit, up to where I am and one beyond for each character.

Carole: The Flood, The Stream, The Challenge, The Interrogation, The Discovery, The Aftermath, The Enigma, The Culmination

Kofi: Affirmation, Assignment, Classification, Selection, Commination, Suppression, Escalation, Revelation

Right, on with the rest of Escalation. Things are about to go very badly.

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