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Integration First Draft: Half Way

Right, time for a very brief update to celebrate non-Brexit day. No idea what's going to happen, but still working on the assumption it will be no-deal, and getting as personally prepared as I can be for the disruption that will cause. I hope I'm proven wrong, and this country can return to being one I can feel pride in again - not this xenophobic monstrosity my former MP, Theresa May, has had a lead role in creating. Not that my current MP, James Gray, is any better - one of the ERG extremists for whom no-deal is a nationalistic wet-dream. It doesn't matter who dies in the process.

Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to mark the occasion of being roughly half-way through the first draft of Integration. I'm planning twenty chapters currently, ten each for Kofi and Carole, and I've just finished the first five of each. Just to keep the chapter tease going, these are the titles for these, plus the next two on my list to write:

Carole: The Flood, The Stream, The Challenge, The Interrogation, The Discovery, The Aftermath

Kofi: Affirmation, Assignment, Classification, Selection, Execution, Suppression

Right, I'd better get back to it. One of my characters is languishing in jail, and the other has just received a death threat. Which reminds me, it's about time I killed someone off. It's been a bit quiet since millions died in the first chapter.

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