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As part of exploring a few ideas for my next longer writing project, I've written a short story called "Epicinium". It's effectively the tale of what happens in the first year in the immediate aftermath of the events of The Stream.

It was an interesting experience writing it - I knew the structure of the story, and roughly the the tone of it when I started, but had no idea where it would end up. I took the approach of saying "well if they did this, how might the world react?". Then I said "well if the world reacted like that, what would they do next?",over and over, and just see what evolved. It went down some dark routes before I emerged into something vaguely resembling light again.

I've made the story available for free through my website, just click on the AFTERMATH option at the top.

Warning: do not read, or even look at the start of it, until you've finished The Stream. Spoilers!

P.S. Don't worry, you'll get more spoiler warnings if you do click on the AFTERMATH link before you get presented with the story.

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