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The Stories of Mark W White

AVAILABLE NOW: Two Earths are Better Than None.   But first, who doesn't love a freebie?

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Mutterings of Consequence is a collection of short stories set in the extended world of Mark W White's novels.

Whether a family drama, SF or light fantasy, all of his books are set in the same extended universe. These short stories set around the novels will justify that claim and add colour to the world.


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For an extended version of this collection, check out Substrate Constraints.

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The death throes of Mason Ross's marriage to Emily are interrupted by the friendly alien invasion of the Peria. The next thing he knows, the Peria are leaving, and he's married to Lissa, the ex-girlfriend he should never have betrayed. This Lissa lives on a parallel Earth, part of the Duality formed by the mysterious Schism. Mason's marriage there isn't much better either. 


The Peria are searching for people like Mason whose consciousness can cross the Schism. Not just humans, but other aliens too. The Duality is collapsing. If everyone works together, it can be halted before catastrophe strikes.


Disillusioned with both his lives, Mason finds it hard to resist space travel, meeting aliens, and bundles of cash. What could possibly go wrong? Then he encounters Beth Borden. 

The Mufflers

In a world with everyday magic, technology must be suppressed.

A light fantasy trilogy

The Muffler's Ministry cover
The Muffler's Mission cover
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Book 1: The Muffler's Ministry

Rowan Webb is head-hunted into the secretive Ministry responsible for ensuring technological advancement is suppressed – the Mufflers, who turn out to be a surprisingly friendly and eccentric bunch.


Venturing out into the community with a familiar called Pythia, Rowan has every intention of having as good a time as possible while working undercover.


Then the shadows of the past re-emerge to spoil the fun – and threaten ultimate destruction. To cap it off nicely, his ex, Tia Tobin, isn't happy with Rowan either.

Book 2: The Muffler's Mission

After the Battle of Gooseport, Portsea may never be the same. People call for change, but a more urgent threat emerges to cause the Mufflers to reevaluate their priorities.


Personal matters have to wait. The lingering dangers from the old world can't be ignored, so the Mufflers head out to prepare their neighbours for the threat.

All roads lead to Ringwall, but what lies within this mysterious region?

Book 3: The Muffler's Misery

Cronos has been defeated again, but the latent threat remains. The Oracle – AKA The Muffler – is working on a plan for long-term safety but is reluctant to reveal the details.

Rowan and Tia have more pressing concerns. Tia's ever-growing magical ability threatens to kill her unless it stops. Rowan's Dad is missing, spreading unfamiliars across the land, causing chaos in his quest to weaken the Oracle.

First, Tia must visit Emforth to get a minor marital mess sorted. At least nothing could possibly go wrong there. Could it?

Scouring Juventas

The human colony on Juventas seeks to expand.  History stands in its way. 

Scouring Juventas - Tile.jpg

The human colony of Juventas was founded a century earlier with the arrival of the Juno II. A critical election now looms with one item dominating debate: is it time to finally begin to expand after the tough early years?

Jess Kimber runs a prestigious product development team, but after a tumultuous year, decides to hand over the reins to her deputy. After a painful divorce, she needs space to find something worthwhile, but her ex keeps getting in the way.

Ravi Antic joins Till Bullen's expedition as they set out to explore what lies beyond the local region. A long supporter of expansion, Till hopes their discoveries will turn the tide of opinion in the election. 

A major system outage puts the election in doubt, but that's the least of the colony's problems. Their lack of knowledge about why the colony's foundation was so difficult is nothing compared to their ignorance of the planet's past.

Jess and Ravi get swept into the centre of events as they begin to uncover the truth. The mysterious entity Bekomdef already knows. It watches patiently from afar, deciding whether to intervene again.

The Tamboli Sequence
A trilogy of science fiction novels exploring the unexpected legacy of Raj Tamboli

A Vision of Unity cover
A Division of Order cover
A Revision of Reality cover

Book 1: A Vision of Unity


Raj Tamboli risks everything to avert nuclear war. Carole Cantor is the last person to see him and vows to hold him to account.

Two centuries later, historian Kofi Albus is tasked with investigating what happened as new deaths mount.

Learning the lessons of history is tough when that history turns out to be a lie. 

Book 2: A Division of Order


In the authoritarian society of Juno, Jemma is determined to find out the truth behind the world.

Knowing it needs reform, are the Resistance forces, led by a man called Tamboli, worse than those already in power?

Can a society kept ignorant of its own nature survive a malignant force knowing the truth? 

Book 3: A Revision of Reality


On Earth, Katinka Farkas has to flee for her life as her closest friends go missing at a ritual dedicated to Raj Tamboli.

On Juno, the appearance of a mysterious presence sends Nevin on a new path to enlightenment. 

The collision of these two worlds is driven by an unknown force. What is their agenda? 

In Memory of Chris Parsons

A speculative family drama of life, death and confusion set in rural Wiltshire

In Memory of Chris Parsons cover

Chris Parsons' life is transformed by tragedy after losing his wife, Lisa, and his daughter, Alex, in a ridiculously hazy accident. Luckily on some days, Lisa is still there to help him; on others, Alex tries to cheer him up – not that he'll remember it by tomorrow.


He turns to a new therapist, Erica Immurson, to try to make sense of his life. Her repetitive therapy uncovers a world of contradiction: one where his own future is as uncertain as his past.


Inspired by the wonders visible from rural Wiltshire – including the West Kennet Long Barrow, the Cherhill White Horse, the aurora borealis, and Avebury – gradually, he begins to recall the truth. 

Of course, Lisa has a different story to tell. Alex isn't happy either.


Two Earths Are Better Than None

Self-analytical Mason is recruited by aliens to help save two realities. It can't be worse than his marriages.

An SF novel

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