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Mutterings of Consequence

A collection of short stories set in the extended world of the novels of Mark W White – edition 6 now available

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Whether a family drama, SF or fantasy, all of Mark W White's books are set in the same extended universe. These short stories set around the novels will justify that claim and add colour to the world.

The following short stories are included in this collection:

  1. In Memory of Universal Truth: How the movie in In Memory of Chris Parsons came to be †

  2. In Memory of Psykhe: Set after In Memory of Chris Parsons, featuring Erica

  3. A Provision of Succession: Set after A Vision of Unity, featuring Katinka

  4. A Redivision of Community: Set after A Division of Order, featuring Sandra

  5. A Subdivision of Humanity: Set after A Revision of Reality, featuring Nevin and Amy

  6. Leaving Juventas: Set after Scouring Juventas, featuring Bekomdef

  7. A Muffler's Recruitment: Set before The Muffler's Ministry, featuring Ashley and Colin

  8. A Muffler's Vigil: Set after The Muffler's Ministry, featuring Rowan and his Dad

  9. A Muffler's Marriage: Set after The Muffler's Mission, featuring Lance 

  10. A Muffler's Assignment: Set after The Muffler's Mission, featuring Gwen

  11. The Muffler's Retrospective: Set after The Muffler's Mission, featuring... the Oracle!

  12. Two Mufflers Chatting: Brenda and Bristow chat about the future

  13. A Substrate Reunion: Set after The Muffler's Misery, Scouring Juventas and A Revision of Reality


† Can be read independently of the novel and is available separately below – no spoilers!


The full ebook of Mutterings of Consequence is available free to download. To obtain a copy, sign up for the mailing list using the Subscribe button. You will receive an email with the download link.

See Substrate Constraints for an expanded version of this collection



In Memory of Universal Truth is an independent story, provided free here as a taster for the collection

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